At open markets in eastern Westphalia, the young Klaus-Dieter Hünnemann initially started off with Christmas cookies to finance his physics studies.


Now a graduate physicist, Klaus-Dieter is still more interested in open markets than in a job in industry. In Freiburg, he discovered the antipasti, which were still unknown at the time, and brought them back to his home country. First he had to explain that an olive is not a small black potato ...


A market booth continues to grow more and more, to finally giving birth to a brand: „Die Oliverie“. Klaus-Dieter has now joined forces with his partner Werner Thiesbrummel and is providing a real antipasti boom at the region‘s weekly markets.


The antipasti hype reaches the supermarkets - and „Die Oliverie“ is right in the middle. Klaus-Dieter and Werner establish a franchise concept for the prepayment zones of Supermarkets. In the peak phase, 25 stores are spread all over Germany.


The olive is still the antipasti racer par excellence. But, Klaus-Dieter and Werner are of the opinion that a successor has to be found. At Anuga 2002, they actually discover „the new olive“ - and they had no idea that the South African Piquanté pepper will later become the most popular antipasti ingredient among Germans. For the first time (to this day) receiving the exclusive import rights of the now world-famous brand PEPPADEW®.


The cherry pepper is hitting like a bomb! And not only at the consumers, but also in the growing antipasti industry. Klaus-Dieter Hünnemann and Werner Thiesbrummel set up H&T Feinkost GmbH in order to meet the changed sales structures and volumes.


For more than ten years, H&T Industry & Market-trader has been supplying the finest antipasti raw materials from all over the world. But the restless inventor Klaus-Dieter strives for new challenges and complements the trade with its own in-house production of high-quality food. In 2014, therefore, the company‘s own premises will be massively expanded by production facilities according to the latest standards.


After the regrettable passing of Werner Thiesbrummel now Klaus-Dieter shares management with his own offspring. While his daughter Janna coordinates the distribution of branded products and marketing. The son, Moritz takes care of the management, operation and distribution of production services. Also, the logo is suitably rejuvenated.

H&T Logo_RGB.jpg


Digitalization and advancements are happening also at H&T. Going forward! The completely self-developed software enables paperless production documentation. This means fewer errors, more time, fast traceability, accurate inventory and a production control that can be operated from anywhere in the world. The future has begun.