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H&T Feinkost is 30 years of experience
for high-quality fine food raw materials & services in food production.

We don’t proud ourselves of just having a physicist as a founder and developer of our customized high-efficiency machinery but also as a family driven-business that acts in very different manner to its competitors. The combination and expertise of our two main areas of work gives us the presence required to work in this industry:

Brand Distribution

Production Service

The foundations for H&T were laid down in the (weekly) open markets, trading with antipasti, back in the late 80s. Ever since we had the opportunity to build our experience in the high-quality processing of food. Back then this was all painstakingly done by hand. Today there is no comparison to the ultra-modern production possibilities we have in place. Our production facility built in 2014 it is constantly being expanded with new operational plants. We can overcome almost any challenge in the food sector from highly automated processes to manual work.

Are you a food producer? -
We are your strategic partner!

Whether cutting, puréeing, mixing, forming, packaging, branding, coating, freezing, filling, manual work in various batch sizes: We will be happy to do the work for you! Whether a onetime process-oriented project or a long-term in the form of semi-finished products to any other recurring services, we are there for you.


In addition to our core services, please take a look at our many different forms in which we produce food with our exemplary taste and flavour profiles. We also offer you diverse spectrum of packaging!

What is in it for you?

The demands placed at modern food productions are becoming ever greater, more complex and smaller. In addition, capacity utilisation in production can fluctuate considerably in some cases. Not to forget the increasing (cost) efficiency pressure and customers who always want to be surprised with new, unusual creations. Many producers simply do not have the capacities or individual areas - the know-how and resources to fulfil all the wishes of their customers. At some point this can be overwhelming albeit this is where we come in!


By outsourcing individual processes from us or letting us constantly manufacture semi-finished products for you, you get to fulfil several needs with one deed: Relieve your production at peak times, secure yourself more margin through greater efficiency, save costs, constant re-evaluation of residuals all to maximize your performance.

Creative & flexible product development

We are not only characterized by modern production facilities, but also by a young, creative team well connected in the international scene. In addition, we are always able to think outside of certain parameters to accomplish given tasks in an exclusive and professional manner to meet our goals. The great challenge for many larger food companies is often the lack of time or personnel available for such a flexible approach. We find creative solutions for every culinary challenge. Let us join your challenge! We promise: We will make the best out of it!

30 years of know-how

In spite of our meanwhile considerable size, the heart of a market trader still beats in us. This means that we can not only react quickly and dynamically to new trends, but we also know when and how the consumer trends arise. We have been doing this for the past 30 years and our reputations stands by it.

The future has begun

Thanks to the second Hünnemann generation in the management team, a great deal of the future is also mixed with tradition. The latest highlight: paper-free and sustainable production documentation. In production, now it’s iPad instead of paper waste. In other words: fewer errors, more time, fast traceability, inventory recording accurate to the gram and a production control system that can be operated from anywhere in the world and still think in a healthy manner of how to help the environment on every present and future step.

It all started in the late 80s at the regional (weekly) open markets. As a market trader for fine food, the young Klaus-Dieter Hünnemann first attracted the East Westphalians to the still largely unknown antipasti concept. Although the fast-growing company remained true to the Mediterranean Cuisine, over the next years H&T developed from a consumer market trader to an importer of high-quality vegetable raw materials.

PEPPADEW® Piquanté Peppers & Co.

Our first and still most popular raw material: The original PEPPADEW® Piquanté Pepper, which H&T has exclusively distributed from the very beginning of our story. In addition to cherry peppers, other exclusive vegetable raw materials can be found in our selected assortment today. These materials come mainly from South, Central and North America and our entire selection is carefully hand-picked by us. A solid and strong business-relationship with our producers in addition to regular visits on site are part of our core fundamentals.

For food producers, wholesalers, market traders, restaurateurs & food service

In addition to quality, for many food producers, wholesalers, market traders and (system) restaurant-owners the ability to deliver plays an important role in food service. Since some of our branded products are grown in several territories, the availability of the goods is in most cases guaranteed throughout the year.

Our assortment

The sweet-piquant PEPPADEW® Piquanté Pepper is joined in our range by the PEPPERDILLO® Mini Pepper, the PATTY PAN Mini Pumpkin (Pattison), the VITAPEP Mini Pepper, the JALAPEP Jalapeno and our own creation: the sweetie GRILLS® (pickled & grilled peppers). All these raw materials are used to create many delicious antipasti creations. But they can do so much more:

The application diversity of our raw materials

Due to the intense taste, which cannot be compared with conventional peppers, many of our products are suitable for various applications: For filling (e.g. with cream cheese, minced meat, fish & more) / As a topping for bread, pasta & salad / As a decorative side dish / In pasta & rice dishes / On pizza & tarte flambée / Processed in sausage & bread preparations / In hamburgers & sandwiches / For dips, relays & chutneys / In sauces & soups and and and... Please ask us for further ideas for the use of raw materials in your company. Service and advice are our top priorities! Or find inspiration in our blog.

Also available frozen

As we have modern food production facilities at our disposal, we also have some frozen vegetable raw materials on offer. The long shelf life (MHD), the fast & efficient handling, the optimal stocking or storage and the consistent quality of the goods are particularly appealing to the catering trade, food service & GV. You can order some articles of the PEPPADEW® Cherry Pepper and the sweetie GRILLS in frozen format from us.